@ballet_photographer is now booking in the Southwest!!!

This is an incredible opportunity for 8 talented dancers to shoot with one of the most respected and talented dance photographers in the world!

Dan Swinson Imagery has moved it's home base to beautiful San Diego, California and that's means a great opportunity for you! Dan has decided to turn this trip into a chance to meet and work with new dancers in some new locations. He will be making stops all along the route on the map above and doing half-day shoots at HALF THE NORMAL RATE!!!

 If you would like to be considered for a shoot, please see the details below and email us today.

New Project 2016-05-23 11-37-25New Project 2016-05-23 11-37-25


Some things to keep in mind when we shoot outdoors:

  • Your pointe shoes will be completely destroyed when we are done; as a matter of fact, you will need a couple pairs -- preferably dead ones.
  • Although we may have to reschedule for extreme weather conditions, we will brave the cold, or the heat, or even the rain if it isn't too bad.
  • Usually, these shoots involve a lot of walking. Sometimes we can cover 5-6 miles over the course of a full day.


Half Day Session Road Trip Special ($175)*

Half Day: Approximately 4 hours

No limits on leo/hair changes

*additional fees may apply for location permits, if necessary.