Services for Organizations

Dan Swinson Imagery can take care of all your photography needs and show you ways to leverage the power of imagery to take you organization even farther. We can put together a package to provide you with full photographic services for the entire season; all at a very reasonable rate.

Performance Photos

Performance images provide marketing materials for your organization and incredible memories for your dancers and their families. They are a great way to show the world what you, your company, and your dancers are all about. Social media is the greatest tool there is to promote your organization and there is no more powerful social media impact than a beautiful, professional performance photo, shot by a reputable, professional photographer.



Performance shoots, when done right, are very non-intrusive; they require almost no accommodations by your organization and can require very little financial output. In the end, you will have hundreds of great images available for your use. Contact us today for more information.




It doesn't take an enormous budget to get an enormous return. Wisely spending to market your upcoming performances, programs, intensives, and events can help generate the income you need to get where you want to go.

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Head Shots


Head shots can give your studio that polished look. Having uniform, flattering head shots of your dancers is easier than you probably think. They take just a few minutes per dancer and then you will have them at your disposal all season long to help you promote your company and project the right image.


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